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How are your keto and keto vegan desserts sweet if you don't use processed sugar??

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

How are your desserts sweet if you don't use processed sugar??

That is the most common question I get about the bakery items that Triangle Bakery prepares. "Why don't use you use honey or maple syrup?" is probably the second most common question.

The goal of Triangle Bakery is to not only provide you delicious bakery items but to do so in a manor that will not elevate your blood sugar which will cause hunger spikes and ultimately weight gain. For this reason, we don't leverage any processed sugar, honey or maple syrup.

There are a variety of sweeteners that have no impact on your Glycemic Index (GI) and therefore will not raise your blood sugar. Of those, we at Triangle Bakery are careful to only leverage the natural varieties.

Natural Sweeteners with GI =0

· Allulose

· Monk Fruit

· Inulin

· Stevia

Although they are all natural, the GI on Maple Syrup and Honey are about 54-58 per 10-20grams.

At times, we leverage Erythritol which is all natural sugar alcohol with GI=0.

Other sugar natural sugar alcohols include Xylitol, Maltitol, Sorbitol. We do not leverage these as they do have an GI above 0.