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My last day without sugar.

Just after thanksgiving 2017, I decided to change my health. I no longer wanted to be addicted to sugar.  I decided to take a proactive role in improving my health so I started to Keto diet.  This diet required me to cut out all processed sweeteners, inflammatory oils and flour that cause blood sugar spikes from my diet.


I learned to make the foods I loved in a heathier way, in a manner that did not leverage items that promote inflammation like processed sugars, flour and inflammatory fats. 


There were limited places to order baked goods prepared without processed sugar and flour for a special occasion.  I knew at that point it was time for me to start what I thought the world was missing. Welcome to Triangle Bakery where our focus is to make all the delicious bakery items, we all love in a way that will allow our bodies to heal and perform at optimal levels.


I hope we can be of service to you.

Thank You.

Christy Miller, Owner

Take a look this video that explains “My Why”
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